Home Video Instructions

Here are some helpful hints for making a home video if you can’t make it to a casting call:

  • Please show us your personality. This is the key to having a great tape. Don’t be too serious – have fun with it!
  • Make sure to tell us the answers to these questions:
    • What is your relationship?
    • What kind of restaurant do you envision? Type of Food/Ambiance
    • Who is Front of House? Who is back of house?
    • What do you love/hate about each other?
    • Why should we pick you?
  • Show us a part of your lives. Introduce us to your gardens, your families, things you do together, we want some insight into your life!
  • Remember, you only have 5 minutes. Don’t make the tape any longer than that. We want to see your personality from the moment the tape starts rolling.
  • Don’t wear any logos or show any logos in the foods you prepare.
  • Please only film on mini DV, DVD & MAKE SURE YOU CHECK TO BE SURE YOUR DVD PLAYS IN YOUR DVD PLAYER, sometimes even when it plays on the computer it won’t play in the DVD player.

Things to think about when filming

DISTANCE: Try not to be more than 10 feet away from the camera, as the sound will be too faint.

LIGHTING: Make sure the room in which you film is well-lit. Turn on some lights, as the camera will not see as much daylight as your eyes do.

FRAMING: Position yourself so that your head and shoulders/the upper half of your body fill the frame or viewfinder.

NOISE: Make sure you are in an environment where your voice will be audible.

(IMPORTANT: You must turn OFF any music, TV, radio, or other noises around you.)

Where to send:

Please send the tape, your completed and signed applications, and 2 pictures of yourselves to:

Attn: 24 Hour Restaurant Battle Casting

CBS News Productions

555 W. 57th St. 8th Floor

NY, NY 10019


BE SURE YOU SEND APPLICATIONS FOR YOUR TEAM, EACH PERSON MUST FILL OUT THEIR OWN APPLICATION you can download the application at www.24hourrestaurantbattle.com.